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Ella Schnake “Debate Like a Girl” – Program Oral Interpretation Champion – NSDA Nationals 2019

Gender Bias in High School Debate: My Story – The 3% Conference 2020


Listen to some stories about girls and women in debate.

All Things Considered: Debating While Female: How Gender Affects Perceptions

Pundits have said Hillary Clinton doesn’t smile enough or is too emotional. These are familiar critiques, Anna Waters, a former high school debater-turned-coach, tells NPR’s Ari Shapiro.

Podcast: Pocket Change – Debate or Berate: An Analysis of Sexism in High School Debate

Regardless if you are or aren’t involved in the debate sphere, you will leave this podcast with a deeper understanding of how different layers of oppression cannot be ignored in the sexism conversation, and how you can make a difference not only within the high school debate sphere but in society as a whole. in Public Forum for her perspective on gender bias in debate.

Podcast: What’s the Res – Summer 8 – Gender Bias in Public Forum: A Female Debater’s Perspective

At NSDA Nationals 2019, one female debater held up a sign indicating that 2 of 28 finalists on stage were female; this image reignited an ongoing discussion amongst coaches, debaters, and the community about gender bias in public forum debate. At the Coolidge Cup 2019 tournament, Josh interviewed Anna Clare S., a recent graduate of the Cambridge School and competitor in Public Forum for her perspective on gender bias in debate.


Here are some books and articles we like and a couple of the studies that outline many of the statistics referenced in the film.

That’s Debateable

Jen Doll (Release: July, 19 2022)

That’s Debatable is a witty, smart, and feminist romantic comedy, author Jen Doll explores what it means to set boundaries while breaking down barriers.

Click here to pre-order.

Debating Women: Gender, Education, and Spaces for Argument, 1835-1945

Carly S. Woods, Michigan State University Press (2018)

Spanning a historical period that begins with women’s exclusion from university debates and continues through their participation in coeducational intercollegiate competitions, Debating Women highlights the crucial role that debating organizations played as women sought to access the fruits of higher education in the USA and UK.