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Thank you for your support for GIRL TALK!

We need your support to launch our ambitious social impact campaign to address gender bias and promote positive change. Every donation counts!

Why this film?

GIRL TALK tells a timely story of five girls navigating implicit bias in high school debate — and breaking through. As the girls of Newton South’s co-ed team tenaciously fight against the odds, they inspire us to not only question the reality of bias, but also create a better, more just future for the next generation.  

All donations are tax-deductible donation through our 501c3 fiscal sponsor Documentary Educational Resources.

It’s time to reshape what it means to be a powerful woman and how powerful women are shaped! GIRL TALK inspires us all to rethink our current cultural assumptions about women, and provokes new ways of thinking about how we can collectively celebrate the unique voices of women and girls and build a more equitable future.

  • Inspire young women and girls to find and own their voices
  • Expand public perception on the definitions of leadership
  • Recruit male allies in the fight for equity
  • Build a diverse coalition of groups fighting for women’s and girls’ rights and women in politics and in business
  • Reach tens-of-thousands of current and former debaters
  • Develop a curriculum for middle and high school classroom use

“This film is an inspiring snapshot of the future of female leaders. Each of the five young women has a powerful and unique voice you can’t help but listen to, celebrate and support. This generation of young women, undaunted and resolute, are changing the game, and in the process, changing the world.”

– Maura Healey, Massachusetts Governor-Elect